Global Education Center at Arizona State University: Internship Introduction

          In the spring semester of 2020 at Arizona State University, I began an T.E.S.O.L. Internship at the W. P. Carrey School of Business's Global Education Center. This program was staffed with student workers and interns. The program was built to provide educational support in the form of 1-1 tutoring, educational workshops, and networking events. As an intern, I was expected to work regular walk in hours for tutoring sessions, meet regularly with co-educators, and lead at least one of the regular workshops. On top of my weekly responsibilities, the interns would lead and coordinate larger events such as ZOOM Karoke Night, Multilingual Conversation Meetups, and City Tours.

          My main project in this internship was leading an American English and Culture through Television Workshop. In this weekly workshop, we would watch an episode of an American Sitcom (MOM) and go over a worksheet with vocabulary, cultural information, and comprehension questions. We would focus on semantics and pragmatics that might be problematic for the L2 learner in an intercultural environment. Through the semester we handled many cultural issues from male/female roles, drug addiction and support, and American political preferences. We also handled cultural references and with some of the students who participated in multiple workshops, we would contrast how the same phrase in one context may be different in another. 

Overall, the focus of the internship was student centered and we would provide fun and entertaining ways to engage L2 English Learners. My favorite highlights of the internship would have to be our two main events. First the conversation hour, where we provided snacks and got to know the students speaking in English, Spanish and French. Second, our Zoom Karaoke Nights where we would present the context of a song and then perform with each other in a fun exchange. We heard everything from Chinese rap to French pop and American Musical Theater. I never thought of language learning as "fun" in that most of my education had been from books and apps, but in getting to apply it to real, everyday situations I have a new appreciation and feel free to be more contemporary in the techniques I plan to use in approaching and engaging with my students. 

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